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Exposition " The end of History " - Amsterdam 2014

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Opening exhibition Crisis of History
Welcome to the End of History is the first part of the triptych Crisis of History, curated by Robert Kluijver. The exhibition includes, inter alia, the provocative Jihadi Gangster series by Aman Mojadidi (Afghanistan), the video Children of the Left by Urok Shirhan (Iraq), and the demolition of Mekka in the installation Ground Zero by Ahmed Mater (Saudi-Arabia). As the curator of the exhibition space, Framer Framed will organize film screenings, debates, tours and performances related to the exhibition.

Participating artists
Emeric Lhuisset, Ahmed Mater, Aman Mojadidi, Mehreen Murtaza, Eric Esmail Parnes, Abdulkarim Qassem, Ibrahim Quraishi, Louis-Cyprien Rials, Urok Shirhan, Reza Abedini.

Crisis of history

Framer Framed

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